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2018 High School Baseball Season
The weather is turning, as are the leaves and the holidays are upon us. We also know that this is the time to begin preparing for the 2018 High School Baseball season. Get out the books, clean up the equipment and order some new hats...Please! The 2018 schedule has been posted and has meeting, starting and 2018 tournament dates.
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The 2018 Season is right around the corner!
2018 KBUA Season coverage
The KBUA has always been a brotherhood of sorts and through the years we have enjoyed the comraderie and fellowship it provides.

Now that I am "off-the-field" I have the opportunity to chronical the KBUA using the website and social media and I am committing myself to doing just that in 2018 in order to stay involved with the KBUA and the guys that I've come to consider some of my best friends.
Coming to a Jefferson County baseball game near you!
Time to Update
The KBUA website is about to evolve. Just as we continually hone our skills on the field to uphold a professional image our site should reflect the changing trends in website development, so we can continue to be the best Umpiring association in Kentucky and live up to our motto, "Professionalism with Integrity".
Stay tuned for a new and improved web experience for the KBUA
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